Thursday, June 01, 2006

Tube Toporini

Yarn: Kim #435
Needles: Size 7 24" circs
Modifications: I couldn't get gauge, so I knit one size up, and it still came out a little tight, but not bad. I used a stretchy bindoff because I couldn't get the bindoff loose enough. Stretchy bindoff I used: Knit 2, pass 1st stitch over 2nd, move remaining stitch back to left needle and repeat until finished. Instead of a crochet chain for the ties I did a 3 (or 4) stitch i-cord. I think everything else was the same.
Very simple project for my first time doing cables. And it's such a cute top. I had run out of yarn right at the end, so when I ordered more I just got some extra in another color to make one for me. :) Yes, this is a gift and it's already left my hands. I hope she enjoys. :)


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